PostgreSQL JDBC 42.6.0 Released

Posted on 2023-03-21 by JDBC Project
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The PostgreSQL pgJDBC team is proud to announce the release of version 42.6.0.

This version has two major changes.
1. The use of synchronized has been replaced with re-entrant locks. This is will facilitate the use of lightweight threads aka Project Loom.
2. Previously we used Object.finalize() to monitor for connection leaks. Java 9 has Cleaner, but we still need to support Java 8. thankfully Juan Lopes wrote LazyCleaner. We borrowed the code (Thanks again!) and are now using LazyCleaner instead of finalize().

Many thanks to those who contributed! See the ChangeLog for details.

The release has been pushed to Maven central.

The source can be found at our GitHub repo