PostgreSQL JDBC 42.5.3 Released

Posted on 2023-02-13 by JDBC Project
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The PostgreSQL JDBC Project is pleased to announce the release of version 42.5.3 which includes the changes for 42.5.2 as well as fixing the regressions.

This release fixes 2 regressions which were introduced in 42.5.2

We recommend not using 42.5.2

Notable changes for 42.5.2:

  • Define binary transfer for custom types dynamically/automatically.
  • Added gssResponseTimeout to make sure we don’t wait forever on a GSS RESPONSE
  • Make sure socket is closed if an exception is thrown in createSocket
  • Fix hanging ssl connections
  • Fix binary conversion of (very) long numeric values (longer than 4 * 2^15 digits)

See the full 42.5.2 for the details. and 42.5.3 for the changes in 42.5.3

The pgjdbc team would like to thank everyone for their contributions.

The project website is here.

The code can be found on github.