PostgreSQL JDBC 42.3.0 released

Posted on 2021-10-20 by JDBC Project
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The PostgreSQL JDBC team is proud to announce version 42.3.0

The major change here is that we have dropped support for JAVA 6 and JAVA 7

This allows us to move forward with further changes

The following was also fixed

  • Rework OSGi bundle activator so it does not rely on exception message to check DataSourceFactory presence PR #507
  • Fix database metadata getFunctions() and getProcedures() to ignore search_path when no schema pattern is specified PR #2174
  • Fix refreshRow made the row readOnly. [PR #2195]( Fixes Issue #2193
  • Fix do not add double quotes to identifiers already double quoted PR #2224 Fixes Issue #2223 Add a property QUOTE_RETURNING_IDENTIFIERS which determines if we put double quotes around identifiers that are provided in the returning array.
  • Fix Provide useful error message for empty or missing passwords for SCRAM auth PR #2290 fixes Issue #2288

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release.

See Changelog for details