PostgreSQL JDBC 42.2.9 Released

Posted on 2019-12-08 by JDBC Project
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This is mostly a maintenance release see below for the changes. We would like to thank everyone who has contributed issues and pull requests!

Notable Changes


  • read only transactions PR 1252
  • pkcs12 key functionality PR 1599
  • new "escapeSyntaxCallMode" connection property PR 1560
  • connection property to limit server error detail in exception exceptions PR 1579
  • cancelQuery() to PGConnection public interface PR 1157
  • support for large update counts (JDBC 4.2) PR 935
  • Add Binary Support for Oid.NUMERIC and Oid.NUMERIC_ARRAY PR 1636


  • issue 716 getTypeInfo() may not return data in the order specified in Oracle documentation PR 1506
  • PgSQLXML setCharacterStream() results in null value PR 1608
  • get correct column length for simple domains PR 1605
  • NPE as a result of calling executeQuery twice on a statement fixes issue #684 PR 1610
  • handle numeric domain types PR 1611
  • pginterval to take iso8601 strings PR 1612
  • remove currentTimeMillis from code, tests are OK PR 1617
  • NPE when calling setNull on a PreparedStatement with no parameters PR 1620
  • allow OUT parameter registration when using CallableStatement native CALL PR 1561
  • add release save point into execute with batch PR 1583
  • Prevent use of extended query protocol for BEGIN before COPY PR 1639

See the full changelog for all the details