PostgreSQL JDBC 42.2.6 Released

Posted on 2019-06-23 by JDBC Project
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The JDBC project is proud to announce the latest version 42.2.6. This long overdue release includes the following:


  • CI tests with Java 11, and Java EA
  • Support temporary replication slots in ReplicationCreateSlotBuilder PR 1306
  • Support PostgreSQL 11, 12
  • Return function (PostgreSQL 11) columns in PgDatabaseMetaData#getFunctionColumns
  • Return information on create replication slot, now the snapshot_name is exported to allow a consistent snapshot in some uses cases. PR 1335


  • Fixed async copy performance (1ms per op) in SSL mode PR 1314
  • Return Double.NaN for 'NaN'::numeric PR 1304
  • Performance issue in PgDatabaseMetaData#getTypeInfo with lots of types in DB PR 1302
  • PGCopyInputStream#read should cap values to [0, 255], -1 PR 1349
  • Fixes LocalDateTime handling of BC dates PR 1388
  • Release savepoints in autosave mode to prevent out of shared memory errors at the server side PR 1409
  • Fix execution with big decimal in simple query mode. PR 1463
  • Fix rounding for timestamps truncated to dates before 1970 PR 1502

Many people participated in this release and the project extends our gratitude to all who helped out. The full list can be seen at the bottom of the Changelog