PostgreSQL JDBC 42.2.24 Released

Posted on 2021-09-25 by JDBC Project
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The JDBC project is proud to announce the latest version 42.2.24

This version fixes a number of issues, namely:

  • Fix startup regressions caused by PR #1949. Instead of checking all types by OID, we can return types for well known types PR #2257

  • Back patch PR #2148 Avoid leaking server error details through BatchUpdateException when logServerErrorDetail PR #2254

  • Back patch PR #2247 QueryExecutorImpl.receiveFastpathResult did not properly handle ParameterStatus messages. This in turn caused failures for some LargeObjectManager operations. Closes Issue #2237 Fixed by adding the missing code path, based on the existing handling in processResults. PR #2253

  • Backpatch PR #2242 PgDatabaseMetaData.getIndexInfo() cast operands to smallint PR#2253 It is possible to break method PgDatabaseMetaData.getIndexInfo() by adding certain custom operators. This PR fixes it.

  • Back patching PR #2251 into 42.2 Clean up open connections to fix test failures on omni and appveyor use older syntax for COMMENT ON FUNCTION with explicit no-arg parameter parentheses as it is required on server versions before v10. Handle cleanup of connection creation in StatementTest, handle cleanup of privileged connection in DatabaseMetaDataTest

  • Backpatch PR #2245 fixes case where duplicate tables are returned if there are duplicate descriptions oids are not guaranteed to be unique in the catalog PR #2248

  • Change to updatable result set to use correctly primary or unique keys PR #2228 fixes issues introduced in PR #2199 closes Issue #2196

  • Fix NPE calling getTypeInfo when alias is null PR #2220

  • Back patch PR #2217 to fix Issue #2215. OIDs are unsigned integers and were not being handled correctly when they exceeded the size of signed integers

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We are very appreciative of everyone who contributed to this release:

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