PostgreSQL JDBC 42.2.23 Released

Posted on 2021-07-07 by JDBC Project
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The JDBC project is proud to announce the latest version 42.2.23

Due to an issue in the build system version 42.2.22 was missing the JRE 6 jar

Additionally the following changes were made:

getColumnPrecision for Numeric when scale and precision not specified now returns 0 instead of 131089 fixes: Issue #2188 - Calling refreshRow on an updateable resultset made the row readOnly. Fixes Issue #2193 - results should be updateable if there is a unique index available PR#2199 Fixes Issue #2196 - Rework sql type gathering to use OID instead of typname. This does not have the issue of name shadowing / qual-names, and has the added benefit of fixing #1948.

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