PostgreSQL JDBC 42.2.21 Released

Posted on 2021-06-14 by JDBC Project
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The JDBC project is proud to announce the latest version 42.2.21. Mostly a maintenance release addressing some minor issues

  • update docs to reflect deprecated DataSource API setServerName backpatch PR#2057 PR #2105
  • make sure the table has defined primary keys when using updateable resultset backpatch PR#2101 fixes Issue 1975 PR #2106
  • backpatch PR #2143 read notifies or errors that come in asynchronously after the ready for query PR #2168
  • backpatch PR #507 which reworks OSGI bundle activator fixes ISSUE #2133
  • Fix database metadata getFunctions() and getProcedures() to ignore search_path when no schema pattern is specified. backpatch PR #2174 fixes Issue 2173

For more details, please visit the changelog

You can download the PostgreSQL JDBC Driver at