PostgreSQL JDBC 42.2.19 Released

Posted on 2021-02-19 by JDBC Project
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The JDBC project is proud to announce the latest version 42.2.19. Primarily a maintenance release to fix bugs. We are hoping this to be the last version that supports Java 6 and Java 7.


  • Now the driver uses SASLprep normalization for SCRAM authentication fixing some issues with spaces in passwords.
  • Fix: Actually close unclosed results. Previously was not closing the first unclosed result fixes #1903 (#1905) There is a small behaviour change here as a result. If closeOnCompletion is called on an existing statement and the statement is executed a second time it will fail.


  • Verify code via forbidden-apis (jdk-internal and jdk-non-portable signatures) PR #2012


  • Fix: properly set cancel socket timeout (#2044)
  • Fix "Required class information missing" when old org.jboss:jandex parses pgjdbc classes [issue 2008][]
  • Fix PGCopyInputStream returning the last row twice when reading with CopyOut API [issue 2016][]
  • Fix Connnection.isValid() to not wait longer than existing network timeout PR #2040
  • Fix Passwords with spaces (ASCII and non-ASCII) now work with SCRAM authentication (driver now uses SASLprep normalization) PR #2052
  • Fix DatabaseMetaData.getTablePrivileges() to include views, materialized views, and foreign tables PR #2049