PostgreSQL JDBC 42.2.17 released

Posted on 2020-10-10 by JDBC Project
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Due to some small issues with the way GSS Encryption was implemented we have released 42.2.17. The major change is not to attempt a GSS Encrypted connection by default.

There were a number of small issues fixed:

  • Avoid NullPointerException when receiving PGbox, PGcircle, PGline, PGlseg, PGpath, PGpoint, PGpolygon, and PGmoney PR 1873..
  • The driver returns enum and jsonb arrays elements as String objects (like in 42.2.14 and earlier versions) PR 1879.
  • PgTokenizer was ignoring last empty token PR #1882
  • Remove osgi from karaf fixes Issue #1891 PR #1902

See the complete list of changes here

Thanks to everyone who contributed !