PostgreSQL JDBC 42.2.10 Released

Posted on 2020-02-06 by JDBC Project
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The PostgreSQL JDBC team is happy to announce the latest release. Don't let the release date fool you. We had troubles with signing the release and it took us a while to figure it out. This is mostly a bugfix release:


  • Cleanup PGProperty, sort values, and add some missing to docs (#1686)
  • Fixing LocalTime rounding (losing precision) (#1570)
  • Network Performance of PgDatabaseMetaData.getTypeInfo() method (#1668)
  • Issue #1680 updating a boolean field requires special handling to set it to t or f instead of true or false (#1682)
  • bug in pgstream for replication (#1681)
  • Issue #1677 NumberFormatException when fetching PGInterval with small value (#1678)
  • Metadata queries improvements with large schemas. (#1673)
  • Utf 8 encoding optimizations (#1444)
  • interval overflow (#1658)
  • Issue #1482 where the port was being added to the GSSAPI service name (#1651)
  • remove receiving EOF from backend after cancel since according to protocol the server closes the connection once
  • cancel is sent (connection reset exception is always thrown) (#1641)
  • Unable to register out parameter Issue #1646 (#1648)

see Changelog for details