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PostgreSQL for Co-operative banks in Keralam a southern state of India

Posted on 2004-10-16

Sanghamitra is a new generation information technology tool to assist primary and urban co-operative banks and co-operative credit societies. Sanghamitra is a service rendered by Open Software Solutions industrial Co-operative society Ltd, Ernakulam.

Our co-operative banks and societies need to use proper, innovative and cost effective information tools to survive. Unless proper Asset/Liability Management tools (ALM) are used to manage the activities of our co-operative banks, they will be history in future. Co-operative sector can become the backbone financial network in any state if information technology is properly harnessed. Sanghamitra is an effort in this direction and is managed by competent professionals.

Human effort is currently being used in the backend book management functions of a co-operative financial institution. People are putting in lot of efforts to collect and collate data where very few information can be arrived at from the raw data. Sanghamitra is an effort to convert all your data to valuable information.

Open Software Industrial Co-operative Society Ltd (OSS) is the first software development industrial venture in the co-operative sector. They develop all their products on GPL platforms such as GNU/LINUX and PostgreSQL because the much needed re-engineering and financial buoyancy that can be provided on usage of GPL'd software.

OSS have a vision of Co-operative Banking Sector in Keralam appropriating Information Technology for expanding its horizons of operations to new services in the near future.

Sanghamithra is now running successfull in more than 25 co-operative financial institutions in Keralam. First implementation of Sanghamitra at P&T Employees Co-operative Society having more than 6000 members is running for more than four years with full satisfication to all concerned.

For more information visit www.ossics.com

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