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PostgreSQL Enterprise Replication Server 1.2 Released

Posted on 2003-01-05

"The latest update to our commercial replication solution began shipping today" announced Marc Fournier, President of PostgreSQL, Inc.'s (PgSQL). "Copies of the new eRServer v1.2 CD are now ready for our existing Gold and Platinum Support clients to order, and are available for new Gold or Platinum Support clients who sign up through PgSQL or any of our Certified Alliance Partners."

"eRServer has proven itself by supporting large mission critical systems, including the .INFO registry management system," notes PgSQL CEO Geoff Davidson, "Our original versions were solid solutions, but required a level of expertise that was hard to find, making it unavailable for the vast majority of postgresql users. Version 1.2 has eliminated much of the complexity for different server configurations -including support for multiple slaves, and it can be installed with much less need for support or customization in the majority of cases."

"With this release of eRServer, customers gain the advantage of a streamlined installation for replicating to one or multiple slave databases, while still retaining all of the flexibility for complex configurations in large scale environments," states Justin Clift, Director of Australia's Digital Distribution Global Financial Services (DDGFS). "By simply contacting a PgSQL distributor like us they can be up and running in very little time with a solution that is proven effective in spreading database query loads, and is also a cost effective component in disaster recovery solutions."

eRServer v1.2 features include:

  • Simplified installation and configuration
  • Create database Test Environments
  • Query Distribution & Load Leveling
  • Continuous or Periodic Replication
  • Master to Slave Replication
  • Off Host Processing for DSS, EIS & Reporting
  • Master to Multi-Slave Replication
  • Mirroring & Disaster Recovery
  • Data Merge [PostgreSQL to PostgreSQL]
  • Compatible with most HA utilities
  • Warm Failover Switching / Fault Tolerance [hardware, software, network]

For companies who want the industrial strength of the big commercial databases, without complicated and costly licensing restrictions, and who need reliable replication for mission critical applications, eRServer is an extremely cost effective addition to PostgreSQL's open source database solution.

Further details and ordering information can be found on the eRServer website at:


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