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PostgreSQL Community Survey conducted by Open Source Strategies

Posted on 2005-05-26

Open Source Strategies, Inc. began conducting a survey of the PostgreSQL user and developer community today. The survey is anonymous and available online at http://www.opensourcestrategies.com/pgsurvey/control/main

This survey is part of a broader study of the PostgreSQL project that will also include in-depth analysis of the various PostgreSQL mailing lists and interviews with members of the PostgreSQL community. The goals of the study are to promote better understanding of open source software, specifically:

  1. the motivations behind contributing to open source software; and

  2. dynamics between developers and users in a large, successful open source project.

Once completed, the results of the study will be freely available online at opensourcestrategies.com.

Open Source Strategies, Inc. is a strategic and technology consulting firm specializing in open source software. The firm is based in Los Angeles, CA.

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