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PostgreSQL booth at LinuxWorld

Posted on 2005-02-01

I'm happy to announce that PostgreSQL will have a home at LinuxWorld in two weeks after all. My company, OpenMFG, is teaming up with SRA America to wave the elephant flag at booth #1411 - right next door to the ".org Pavillion", two booths up from the Intel spread.

OpenMFG is a powerful and feature-rich ERP system that's written with PostgreSQL on the server, and Qt on the client (binaries available for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X). The business logic is all in pl/pgsql, and performance is fantastic and very scalable. We'll be handing out CDs with free demo versions of our ERP package, as well as PostgreSQL 8.0 source and binaries. The CD will also contain a beta version of our OpenRPT report writer and rendering engine, which we'll be releasing under an open source license at the end of the beta cycle.

SRA America is the US arm of the established Japan-based systems integrator Software Research Associates. As most of you know, SRA has been an active supporter of the PostgreSQL project for many years, and they currently employ several active contributors to the project, including core developer Bruce Momjian. They provide a variety of PostgreSQL services, including consulting, migration, support, and training.

So the general idea is that you get:

a) a software product vendor who's built their entire product and business around PostgreSQL, and

b) an international services firm who is leading the charge of PostgreSQL consulting and support in the enterprise.

If you're going to be in Boston from Feb. 15 to 17, please stop by and say hi.

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