PostgreSQL 9.5 RC1 Released

Posted on 2015-12-18 by PostgreSQL Global Development Group

The PostgreSQL Global Development Group announces that the first release candidate is available for download. This release should fix all outstanding issues with PostgreSQL 9.5, and be identical to the final release, pending bug fixes. All users intending to upgrade to PostgreSQL 9.5 should download and try PostgreSQL 9.5 RC1 now.

Changes Since Beta2

All outstanding issues and known bugs in version 9.5 have been fixed in this release. As such, any issues you encounter are new and should be reported to us. Fixes since Beta2 include:

  • Fixed issues in multxact truncation behavior
  • Prevent incorrect trigger invocation in UPSERT
  • Fixed password handling by multiprocess vacuumdb
  • Made Foreign join pushdown work with EvalPlanQual
  • Fixed bug in track_commit_timestamp
  • Drop policies with objects during DROP OWNED
  • Make pg_rewind work if both servers are on the same timeline

If you reported an issue while testing PostgreSQL 9.5, please download RC1 and test whether that issue has been fixed. If you have not yet tested version 9.5, now is the time for you to help out PostgreSQL development.

Release Schedule

This is the first release candidate of 9.5, indicating that it is expected to be identical to the final release. If new major issues are found, the PostgreSQL project will release additional release candidates. Otherwise, 9.5.0 will be released in early January. For more information, and suggestions on how to test the release candidate, see the Beta Testing page.

Full documentation and release notes of the new version is available online and also installs with PostgreSQL. Also see the What's New page for details on some features.