PostgreSQL 9.5 Alpha 2 Released

Posted on 2015-08-06 by PostgreSQL Global Development Group

The PostgreSQL Global Development Group announces today that the second alpha release of PostgreSQL 9.5 is available for download. This release contains previews of all of the features which will be available in the final release of version 9.5, although some details will change before then. Please download, test, and report what you find.

Changes Since Alpha1

Many bugs and issues reported by our users and contributors have been fixed since the release of Alpha1. These include:

  • Make pg_rewind work with symlinks
  • Fix several issue with locking
  • Numerous changes and improvements to Row Level Security
  • Make pg_dump back up RLS policies
  • Correct some oversights in BRIN indexes
  • Fix behavior of JSON negative array subscripts
  • Correct strxfrm() behavior on buggy platforms
  • Multiple documentation changes and additions

If you reported an issue while testing PostgreSQL 9.5, please download Alpha2 and test whether that issue has been fixed. If you have not yet tested version 9.5, now is the time for you to help out PostgreSQL development.

Alpha and Beta Schedule

This is the alpha release of version 9.5, indicating that some changes to features are still possible before release. The PostgreSQL Project will release 9.5 another alpha or beta in September, and then periodically release alphas or betas as required for testing until the final release in late 2015. For more information, and suggestions on how to test the alpha and betas, see the Beta Testing page.

Full documentation and release notes of the new version is available online and also installs with PostgreSQL. Also see the What's New page for details on some features.