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"PostgreSQL 9 Administration Cookbook" now available

Posted on 2010-10-29

PostgreSQL 9 Admin Cookbook is the first book published solely about administration of the PostgreSQL server.

The cookbook covers very basic points that many new users stumble over, plus general best practice for using some of the features of PostgreSQL.

The cookbook uses short "how-to" recipes to explain how to do a task, then explain why that works. Even advanced topics are reduced to what you need to know, allowing you to concentrate on solving your daily problems quickly and easily.

Many of the topics are covered to the most advanced level, based upon experience gained offering 24x7 support to PostgreSQL users, plus inside knowledge from developing the features themselves.

PostgreSQL 9 Admin Cookbook is written by Simon Riggs and Hannu Krosing. More details and purchase options are available here http://www.2ndquadrant.com/books/

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