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PostgreSQL 8.1.1 and Other Point Releases Now Available

Posted on 2005-12-13

In the month since the release of 8.1.0 several minor bugs have been fixed, which have been accumulated into the 8.1.1 release. 7.3.12, 7.4.10 and 8.0.5 patch releases are also available.

For a complete list of bugs fixed, please see the appropriate HISTORY file available within each releases tar files. This will be available online as soon as the documentation is rebuilt.

Source downloads are available here:

Binaries for Red Hat Linux and Windows (8.0 and 8.1 only) are available at:

Binaries for other operating systems should be available as soon as those projects are ready for release.

Point Releases generally do not require a dump/reload from the previous Point, but please see the Release Notes to confirm procedures for upgrading, especially if your current version is older than the last point release.

Marc G. Fournier - PostgreSQL Core Team

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