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PostgreSQL 8.1 Fully Supported in CASE Studio 2 New Version 2.23

Posted on 2006-03-08

Some of the New Features and Enhancements for PostgreSQL 8.1 and 8.0:

* Entity Relationship Diagrams

* Automatic SQL script generation

* Reverse engineering

* Support of the PostgreSQL 8.1 specifics

* Check box "without OIDS" is now set up as checked (true) by default.

* The new parameter "SORTOP = sort_operator" is loaded to the definition Aggregate of functions (text object Aggregates) during RE.

* Loading of Functions has been modified. The new argument "argmode" for parameter of function is supported now.

* Roles stored among USERS are used for PostgreSQL 8.1.

* Support for Tablespace. It's also possible to load Tablespace during RE.

* Support for connection via Unique Index.

Complete description of all the new features and enhancements can be found at:


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