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PostgreSQL 7.4.1 Released

Posted on 2003-12-23

Its been almost 4 weeks since PostgreSQL 7.4 was released, and, as with all new releases, several bugs have been identified as administrators migrate their production databases up from older releases.

As the list of Changes since 7.4 is fairly small, they are included in this email:

* Fixed bug in "CREATE SCHEMA" parsing in ECPG (Michael)

* Fix compile error when "--enable-thread-safety" and "--with-perl" are used together (Peter)

* Fix for subqueries that used hash joins (Tom)

* Fix free space map compaction bug (Tom)

* Fix for Borland compiler build of libpq (Bruce)

* Fix netmask() and hostmask() to return the maximum-length masklen (Tom)

* Several "contrib/pg_autovacuum" fixes

* Allow compile of "contrib/cube" under Cygwin (Jason Tishler)

* Fix Solaris use of password file when no passwords are defined (Tom)

* JDBC fix for thread problems, other fixes

* Fix for bytea index lookups (Joe)

* Fix information schema for bit data types (Peter)

* Force zero_damaged_pages to be on during recovery from WAL

* Prevent some obscure cases of "variable not in subplan target lists"

* Make PQescapeBytea and byteaout consistent with each other (Joe)

* Escape bytea output for bytes > 0x7e(Joe)

* Added missing SPI_finish() calls to dblink's get_tuple_of_interest() (Joe)

* New Czech FAQ

* Fix information schema view constraint_column_usage for foreign keys (Peter)

* ECPG fixes (Michael)

* Fix bug with multiple IN subqueries and joins in the subqueries (Tom)

* Allow COUNT('x') to work (Tom)

* Install ECPG include files for Informix compatibility into separate directory (Peter)

* Fix SSL memory leak (Neil)

* Prevent "pg_service.conf" from using service name as default dbname (Bruce)

* Fix local ident authentication on FreeBSD (Tom)

This version, as with most minor versions, does not require a dump/reload to put into place. That said, there are some changes to the information schema that require a DROP/reload of that *specific* schema ... please read the HISTORY file for instruction on how to do this.

As always, this release is available on all our mirrors, viable at:


And, thanks to David Fetter, is also available via BitTorrent at:


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