PostgreSQL 7.4 Released

Posted on 2003-11-17

After almost 12 months of intense development, and testing, we are proud to announce the availability of PostgreSQL v7.4.

An overview of the major changes in v7.4 include:

IN/NOT IN subqueries are now much more efficient

Improved GROUP BY processing by using hash buckets

New multikey hash join capability

Queries using the explicit JOIN syntax are now better optimized

Faster and more powerful regular expression code

Function-inlining for simple SQL functions

Full support for IPv6 connections and IPv6 address data types

Major improvements in SSL performance and reliability

Make free space map efficiently reuse empty index pages, and other

SQL-standard information schema

Cursors conform more closely to the SQL standard

Cursors can exist outside transactions

New client-to-server protocol

libpq and ECPG applications are now fully thread-safe

New version of full-text indexing

New autovacuum tool

Array handling has been improved and moved into the server core

Information for members of the press who are unfamiliar with PostgreSQL is here.

Release notes are here, and the new docs are here.


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