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PostgreSQL 7.3.6 Update Released

Posted on 2004-03-03

After several fixes were backpatched to the 7_3_STABLE branch, we have now released a 7.3.6. As the list of Changes since 7.3.5 is quite small, they are included below:

* Revert erroneous changes in rule permissions checking

* Repair incorrect order of operations in GetNewTransactionId()

* Ensure configure selects -fno-strict-aliasing even when an external value for CFLAGS is supplied

* Make pg_restore handle 64-bit off_t correctly

* Make contrib/dblink not assume that local and remote type OIDs match (Joe)

* Quote connectby()'s start_with argument properly (Joe)

* Don't crash when a rowtype argument to a plpgsql function is NULL

* Avoid generating invalid character encoding sequences in corner cases when planning LIKE operations

* Ensure text_position() cannot scan past end of source string in multibyte cases (Korea PostgreSQL Users' Group)

* Fix index optimization and selectivity estimates for LIKE operations on bytea columns (Joe)

This version, as with most minor versions, does not require a dump/reload to put into place.

As always, this release is available on all our mirrors, viewable at:


And, thanks to David Fetter, is also available via BitTorrent at:


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