PostgreSQL 15 RC 1 Released!

Posted on 2022-09-29 by PostgreSQL Global Development Group
PostgreSQL Project

The PostgreSQL Global Development Group announces that the first release candidate of PostgreSQL 15 is now available for download. As a release candidate, PostgreSQL 15 RC 1 will be mostly identical to the initial release of PostgreSQL 15, though some more fixes may be applied prior to the general availability of PostgreSQL 15.

The planned date for the general availability of PostgreSQL 15 is October 13, 2022. Please see the "Release Schedule" section for more details.

Upgrading to PostgreSQL 15 RC 1

To upgrade to PostgreSQL 15 RC 1 from earlier versions of PostgreSQL, you will need to use a major version upgrade strategy, e.g. pg_upgrade or pg_dump / pg_restore. For more information, please visit the documentation section on upgrading:

Changes Since 15 Beta 4

Several bug fixes were applied for PostgreSQL 15 during the Beta 4 period. These include:

  • The syntax for publishing all tables in a schema using logical replication is changed to CREATE PUBLICATION ... FOR TABLES IN SCHEMA ....
  • Logical replication publications can now publish tables that are within a schema if both schema and table are specified.
  • Disallow publishing a schema if a table with column-lists is specified.
  • Fix issue with pg_publication_tables view where it would display dropped columns.
  • Disallow creating a new database with an unsupported ICU locale.
  • Fix behavior issue with the --gzip option for pg_basebackup where the contents of the WAL directory were not compressed.
  • Fix issue with recovery prefetching when maintenance_io_concurrency was set to a low value (e.g. 0).
  • Log errors when replaying WAL files when wal_compression is specified as either lz4 or zstd but the server does not support it.
  • Move several files generated by pg_upgrade to an internal subdirectory.
  • Clear the display from the ps command when the recovery process finishes.

For a detailed list of fixes, please visit the open items page.

Release Schedule

This is the first release candidate for PostgreSQL 15. Unless an issue is discovered that warrants a delay or to produce an additional release candidate, PostgreSQL 15 should be made generally available on October 13, 2022.

For further information please see the Beta Testing page.