PostgreSQL 14 out-of-cycle release coming June 16, 2022

Posted on 2022-06-09 by PostgreSQL Global Development Group
PostgreSQL Project

The PostgreSQL Global Development Group will be releasing an update to PostgreSQL 14 on June 16, 2022. This release fixes an issue with all versions of PostgreSQL 14 that can lead to silent corruption of indexes.

Since the release of PostgreSQL 14.0, there existed an issue with CREATE INDEX CONCURRENTLY and REINDEX CONCURRENTLY that could cause silent data corruption in indexes. This issue is fixed in the upcoming PostgreSQL 14.4 release.

If you ran either of these commands on any version of PostgreSQL 14 prior to 14.4, you may have experienced silent data corruption. You can use the pg_amcheck command with the --heapallindexed flag to detect this issue with B-tree indexes.

If you need an immediate remediation for this issue before the PostgreSQL 14.4 release, you can run CREATE INDEX or REINDEX without CONCURRENTLY. You can also run the reindexdb command and use the --jobs flag for added parallelism, but do not use the --concurrently flag.

Once PostgreSQL 14.4 is released, you can safely use CREATE INDEX CONCURRENTLY and REINDEX CONCURRENTLY to manage your indexes, as well as the --concurrently flag on reindexdb.

If you have additional questions, you can talk to members of the PostgreSQL community through one of the support channels.