PostgreSQL 14 available in production on Azure in Hyperscale (Citus)

Posted on 2021-10-18 by Microsoft Azure
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Our Postgres team at Microsoft is excited to announce PostgreSQL 14’s General Availability (GA) on Azure’s Hyperscale (Citus) option. To our knowledge, this is the first time a major cloud provider has made a new Postgres major version generally available on their platform within one day of the official PG release.

You can now deploy Postgres 14 in many of our Hyperscale (Citus) regions. In upcoming months, we will roll out Postgres 14 across more Azure regions and also release it with our new Flexible Server option in the Azure Database for PostgreSQL managed service.

This announcement brings the latest in Postgres to those of you who run your workloads on Azure.

Engineering “how we did it” blog post

If you want to learn more about how made PostgreSQL 14 available on Azure within one day of the PG14 release, Ozgun Erdogan’s blog post is a good read:

Ozgun’s blog post explores:

  • Our favorite new features in PostgreSQL 14
  • Making Citus & other extensions compatible with PostgreSQL 14
  • How we released a new PostgreSQL version for Azure’s Hyperscale (Citus) option just one day after the PG14 release

Useful links

If you’re looking to get started with PostgreSQL 14 on Azure with the Hyperscale (Citus) option, these links should help:

And of course you can always reach our PM team for the PostgreSQL managed service on Azure via email at Ask AzureDB for PostgreSQL.

About Hyperscale (Citus)

The Hyperscale (Citus) option in the Azure Database for PostgreSQL managed service is based on the Citus extension.

If not already familiar, Citus is an open source extension to Postgres that transforms Postgres into a distributed database. In our recent Citus 10 release, we added columnar tables to Citus, as well as the ability to shard Postgres on a single Citus node.