PostgreSQL 11 Beta 4 Released!

Posted on 2018-09-20 by PostgreSQL Global Development Group
PostgreSQL Project

PostgreSQL 11 Beta 4 Released

The PostgreSQL Global Development Group announces that the fourth beta release of PostgreSQL 11 is now available for download. This release contains previews of all features that will be available in the final release of PostgreSQL 11 (though some details could change before a release candidate is made available) as well as bug fixes that were reported during the third beta.

This is likely the last beta release for PostgreSQL 11 before a release candidate is made available.

In the spirit of the open source PostgreSQL community, we strongly encourage you to test the new features of PostgreSQL 11 in your database systems to help us eliminate any bugs or other issues that may exist.

Upgrading to PostgreSQL 11 Beta 4

To upgrade to PostgreSQL 11 Beta 4 from Beta 3 or an earlier version of PostgreSQL 11, you will need to use a strategy similar to upgrading between major versions of PostgreSQL (e.g. pg_upgrade or pg_dump / pg_restore). For more information, please visit the documentation section on upgrading.

Changes Since 11 Beta 3

There have been many bug fixes for PostgreSQL 11 reported during the Beta 3 period and applied to the Beta 4 release. This release also includes other bug fixes that were reported for supported versions of PostgreSQL that also affected PostgreSQL 11. These fixes include:

  • JIT compilation is disabled by default. To enable JIT compilation, you must set jit = on in your configuration file or in a session
  • Enforce that names for constraints are unique
  • Several fixes for stored procedures, including improved hints and documentation around usage
  • Several fixes for partitioning, including fixes for runtime partition pruning
  • Fix for parallelized CREATE INDEX by disallowing builds on mapped catalog relations
  • Fix for REINDEX to prevent unprivileged users from reindexing shared catalogs in certain cases
  • Memory-leak fix when multiple calls are made to XMLTABLE in a single query
  • Several fixes for pg_verify_checksums
  • Several fixes for libpq, including a fix to only look up a hostname when explicitly requested to do so
  • Several pg_upgrade fixes, including handling event triggers in extensions correctly
  • Several fixes for pg_dump and pg_restore

For a detailed list of fixes, please visit the open items page.

Testing for Bugs & Compatibility

The stability of each PostgreSQL release greatly depends on you, the community, to test the upcoming version with your workloads and testing tools in order to find bugs and regressions before the release of PostgreSQL 11. As this is a Beta, minor changes to database behaviors, feature details, and APIs are still possible. Your feedback and testing will help determine the final tweaks on the new features, so please test in the near future. The quality of user testing helps determine when we can make a final release.

A list of open issues is publicly available in the PostgreSQL wiki. You can report bugs using this form on the PostgreSQL website:

Beta Schedule

This is the fourth beta release of PostgreSQL 11. In all likelihood, this is the final beta release of PostgreSQL 11 before one or more release candidates are made available. For further information please see the Beta Testing page.