PostgreSQL 10 Beta 4 Released!

Posted on 2017-08-31 by PostgreSQL Global Development Group

The PostgreSQL Global Development Group announces today that the fourth beta release of PostgreSQL 10 is available for download. This release contains previews of all of the features which will be available in the final release of version 10, including fixes to many of the issues found in the third beta. Users are encouraged to begin testing their applications against 10 beta4.

Upgrading to Beta4

PostgreSQL 10 beta 4 requires an upgrade from beta 3, or earlier either using pg_dump / pg_restore or pg_upgrade.

Any bugfixes applied to 9.6 or earlier that also affected 10 are included in beta 4. Our users and contributors also reported bugs against 10 beta 3, and many of them have been fixed in this release. We urge our community to re-test to ensure that these bugs are actually fixed, including:

  • Show foreign tables in information_schema.table_privileges view. This fix applies to new databases, see the release notes for the procedure to apply the fix to an existing database.
  • Clean up handling of a fatal exit (e.g., due to receipt of SIGTERM) that occurs while trying to execute a ROLLBACK of a failed transaction
  • Remove assertion that could trigger during a fatal exit
  • Correctly identify columns that are of a range type or domain type over a composite type or domain type being searched for
  • Prevent crash when passing fixed-length pass-by-reference data types to parallel worker processes
  • Fix crash in pg_restore when using parallel mode and using a list file to select a subset of items to restore
  • Change ecpg’s parser to allow RETURNING clauses without attached C variables
  • Change ecpg’s parser to recognize backslash continuation of C preprocessor command lines
  • Improve selection of compiler flags for PL/Perl on Windows
  • Fix make check to behave correctly when invoked via a non-GNU make program

Note that some known issues remain unfixed. Before reporting a bug in the beta, please check the Open Items page.

Beta Schedule

This is the fourth beta release of version 10. The PostgreSQL Project will release additional betas as required for testing, followed by one or more release candidates, until the final release in late 2017. For further information please see the Beta Testing page.