PL/Java 1.6.5 released

Posted on 2023-06-14 by PL/Java Project
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1.6.5 is the latest PL/Java release, bringing functions, triggers, aggregates, types, operators, etc. in Java to PostgreSQL (15 back to 9.5). PL/Java 1.6.5 will build and operate with Java versions 9 through (so far) 20. It need not operate with the same Java version used to build it, and can run application code ranging from pre-Java-9 legacy code, to code using the latest features of the Java version present at run time.

1.6.5 adds support for PostgreSQL 15, fixes several bugs, and will now permit methods declared on interfaces as well as on classes. More on some selected changes may be found below.

Current users of a 1.5.x release should thoroughly review the 1.6 series release notes for changes that may require attention before updating to a 1.6 release.

Project site:

Release notes:

Selected changes:

  • Bugs affecting install_jar from http/https URLs fixed _-
  • PL/Java functions can be declared on interfaces as well as classes
  • SQL generator source-version warnings suppressed, through Java 20

Please see the release notes for a more complete list of changes.


1.6.5 is available from GitHub as a source release, which builds quickly using Maven:

Release page:

This wiki page will add links to prebuilt packages that become available: