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PipelineDB Enterprise Now Available

Posted on 2016-01-14 by PipelineDB

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – January 14th, 2016 - PipelineDB (www.pipelinedb.com), a pioneer in streaming analytics database technology, today announced the release of PipelineDB Enterprise, a commercial edition of the company’s open-source database. PipelineDB Enterprise extends the functionality of the company’s open-source relational database, which runs SQL queries continuously on streaming data for realtime analytics applications, and adds horizontal scaling, high availability, and realtime alerting capabilities. PipelineDB and PipelineDB Enterprise are based on PostgreSQL 9.4 and will be refactored to be compatible with PostgreSQL 9.5 this quarter.

This new product enables anybody familiar with the ubiquitous SQL to build scalable, fault-tolerant analytics applications such as realtime reporting dashboards and realtime monitoring systems. The launch of PipelineDB Enterprise reinforces the company’s mission to give a wide range of developers an easy way to build scalable realtime applications without writing custom application code.

“An increasing number of organizations are beginning to think about data as perpetually moving streams rather than static and at rest. PipelineDB is highly conducive to applying this new mindset to information in ways that generate real business value, and PipelineDB Enterprise makes this possible at the largest scale,” said Derek Nelson, the company’s CEO and Co-Founder.

Since launching the company in July, 2015 the company says it has seen significant adoption in verticals including finance, telecommunications, advertising, gaming, and networking. They report having several paying enterprise customers, although they were unable to offer specific names due to being under NDA.

“Soon after we released our open-source core product, many of our biggest users wanted to pay for easy scaling, high availability, and support, which is exactly what PipelineDB Enterprise delivers. We have several customers currently piloting PipelineDB Enterprise and we are excited to announce its public availability today,” said Jeff Ferguson, the company’s President and Co-Founder.

PipelineDB Enterprise Highlights:

· Shared-nothing architecture for seamless horizontal scaling · Replication and failover of hardware nodes for high availability · Realtime alerting capabilities · 24/7 enterprise support


PipelineDB Enterprise is offered under a commercial license for one and three year terms. To try PipelineDB Enterprise contact enterprise@pipelinedb.com. PipelineDB is free, open-source, and offered under the GPLv3 license. It can be downloaded from the company’s website at www.pipelinedb.com.

About PipelineDB:

PipelineDB is the leader in streaming analytics database technology. Their open-source relational database runs SQL queries continuously on streaming data and is used by the world’s leading companies to power realtime analytics systems. The company is based in San Francisco, CA and is backed by prominent Silicon Valley investors including Y-Combinator, SV Angel, Data Collective, Susa Ventures, and others.

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