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phpPgAdmin 5.0-beta1 Released

Posted on 2010-09-15

phpPgAdmin 5.0-beta1 Released

15th September 2010

The phpPgAdmin Team is proud to announce a new major release of phpPgAdmin is coming. Version 5.0 adds many new features, bug fixes and updated translations over the previous version.

Presently a first beta version is available. It has already been well tested using our automated selenium tests against PostgreSQL 7.4 up to the latest 9.0.

Since the last 4.2 release, a lot of bugs have been fixed and a fair amount of code have been cleaned up.

We plan to release phpPgAdmin 5.0 in the next coming weeks, depending on feedbacks.


To download this beta right now, visit:


New Features


* Support for PostgreSQL 8.4 and 9.0

* Support for database level collation for 8.4+

* Support for schema level export

* Add ability to alter schema ownership

* Clean up domain support and improve interface

* Add support for commenting on functions

* Allow user to rename role/users and set new passwords at the same time

* Greatly enhanced Full-Text-Search capabilities (ioguix, Loomis_K)

* Overhauled Selenium Test suite to support multiple database versions

* Optimized application graphics (Limo Driver)

* Support for Column Level Privileges

* Allow users to specify a template database at database creation time

* Support killing processes

* Add ability to create indexes concurrently

* Much better support of autovacuum configuration

* Add an admin page for table level

* Refactored autocompletion:

* fix support for cross-schema objects

* support multi-field FK

* support for pagination of values in the auto-complete list

* Allow user to logicaly group their server under custom named node in

the browser tree

* New theme and a theme switcher on the introduction page

* Auto refresh Locks page

* Auto refresh Processes page

* Link in the bottom of the page to go to top of page

* Browsing on Foreign Keys (When browsing a table, clicking on a FK

value, jump to the PK row)

Bug Fix

* Fix problems with query tracking on overly long queries

* Ensure pg_dump paths are valid

* Fix multiple bugs about quoting and escaping database objects names

with special chars

* Fix multiple bugs in the browser tree

* Fix multiple bugs on the SQL and script file import form

* One security fix about code injection

* Don't allow inserting on a table without fields

* Some fix about commenting databases

* removed deprecated functions from PHP 5.3

* Lot of code cleanup

* Many other small minor bugs found on our way


* Czech (Marek Cernocky)

* Greek (Adamantios Diamantidis)

* Brazillian Portuguese (Fernando Wendt)


* No longer support PHP < 5.0

* No longer support Postgres < 7.4



The phpPgAdmin Team

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