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PGXN Development Project Launches

Posted on 2010-06-15

I'm pleased to announce the launch of the PGXN development project.

PGXN, the PostgreSQL Extension Network, is modelled on CPAN, the Perl community's archive of "all things Perl." PGXN will provide four major pieces of infrastructure to the PostgreSQL community:

* An upload and distribution infrastructure for extension developers

* A centralized index and API of distribution metadata

* A website for searching extensions and perusing their documentation

* A command-line client for downloading, testing, and installing extensions

We have started the fundraising phase of the project now. Thanks to founding sponsors myYearbook.comPostgreSQL Experts, Inc., we're already 2/5 of the way to our goal. Complete details of the project -- including the specification, implementation plan, and fundraising FAQ -- are on the site.



PostgreSQL Experts, Inc.

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