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#PgWest 2011 Call for Papers

Posted on 2011-05-26

Call for papers: https://www.postgresqlconference.org/talk_types

Time line:

May 25th: Talk submission opens

July 31st: Talk submission closes

August 8th: Speaker notification

This year we will be continuing our trend of covering the entire PostgreSQL ecosystem. We would like to see talks and tutorials on the following topics:

* General PostgreSQL:

* Administration

* Performance

* High Availability

* Migration


* Integration

* Solutions and White Papers

* The Stack:

* Python/Django/Pylons/TurboGears/Custom

* Perl5/Catalyst/Bricolage

* Ruby/Rails

* Java (PLJava would be great)/Groovy/Grails

* Operating System optimization


* Solutions and White Papers

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