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Posted on 2021-04-28 by Data Egret
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In this update Alexey Lesovsky made some important changes in - the dynamic realisation of PostgreSQL Observability diagram.

We invite the Postgres community to discover the improved new look of this nifty tool.

Diagram changes:

  • views' and functions’ labels are now aligned,
  • the arrows that used to show the link between the blocks and the stat labels have been replaced with colour scheme to show these relations,
  • animation has been made smoother,
  • readability of inactive items has been improved by increasing the opacity.

Stat description pages (as in here) have also been updated to provide more information about future releases:

  • internal navigation has been improved by adding links to the related items,
  • resources were added - external links to additional information,
  • versioning is now there, so that you can see how Postgres evolved and when different features were added. - now you can really observe Postgres! is a dynamic realisation of PostgreSQL Observability diagram, which provides a simplified visual representation of PostgreSQL internals, functions and stats and shows all the relevant information about specific database subsystems. It is maintained by Alexey Lesovsky and is one of Data Egret projects.