pgsodium 2.0.0: Modern cryptography for PostgreSQL

Posted on 2022-01-10 by Michel Pelletier
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pgsodium 2.0.0 is a postgres extension that uses the libsodium library to provide high-performance, modern cryptography support for PostgreSQL 10+.

2.0.0 includes a ton of new feature and a few bug-fixes:

  • Support for XChaCha20-SIV deterministic nonce-free encryption
  • Support for SignCryption Sign & Encrypt identity verification
  • Key id support for HMACSHA 512/256, generichash, and shorthash
  • Support for low level XChaCha20 streaming
  • More tests, docs, and small bug fixes in argument parsing
  • In-memory key now protected with sodium_malloc

Check it out at:

Please feel free to submit any issues you may have and as usual pull requests are greatly appreciated!