pgMustard version 4

Posted on 2021-06-19 by pgMustard
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We're pleased to announce version 4 of pgMustard – a tool that helps people review PostgreSQL query plans quickly.

Major improvements:

  • Plan publishing – Plans can now be published (publicly) for sharing externally or internally, as long as they don't contain sensitive information.
  • Tip improvements – New tips for bad read speeds and trigger timings, as well as small improvements to many of the existing tips, to make them clearer and better scored.
  • Interface improvements – dedicated sections for Buffers, JIT, and Settings information, when provided, can now be found in the reading pane on the left.


  • JSON format query plans from PostgreSQL 9.6 or newer
  • The interface and advice are in English
  • A GitHub or Google account, for authentication on our hosted version (no installation or database access required)
  • Self-hosted option available, via Docker

pgMustard is commercial software and has a free trial.

If you spend time reviewing query plans, we’d love to hear your thoughts.


Michael and Dave