pgMustard version 3

Posted on 2020-05-06 by pgMustard
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pgMustard is a tool that gives performance advice based on PostgreSQL query plans. We're pleased to announce version 3.

Major improvements

  • Tip scoring – Each tip is now rated from 0-5, making it quicker and easier to determine the relative importance of issues.
  • Tip improvements – New tips for planning time and slow count operations. Improvements to most of our other tips too, meaning they are more likely to be relevant, and to give better advice.
  • Better subplan analysis – Improved some tricky cases around calculations between call sites and added more information to help. Thank you to Felix G for working with us on this!
  • Interface improvements – Major changes to our tree and reading pane to make problem-solving easier, not least for large query plans (with many operations or lots of nesting).


  • JSON format query plans
  • PostgreSQL 9.6 and newer
  • Interface and advice are in English
  • A GitHub or Google account, for authentication on our hosted version (no installation or database access required)
  • Self-hosted option available, via Docker

Free trial

pgMustard is commercial software and has a free trial:

If you have any slow queries to speed up, we’d love to hear how you get on.