pgmetrics 1.13 released

Posted on 2022-05-23 by RapidLoop, Inc.
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Hello All,

We're happy to announce the release of v1.13 of pgmetrics. Changes since the v1.12 release include:

  • Collect metrics from Azure Database For PostgreSQL (more info).
  • Collect information from all pg_stat_progress_* views.
  • Include more information in text report.
  • Add option to omit bloat query.
  • Support old version pss extension in new version server.
  • Include query id in auto_explain plan if present in log_line_prefix.
  • Various bug fixes.

You can get the latest release from GitHub.

Thanks to all the people who pitched in with bug reports, suggestions and patches! Keep it coming!

About pgmetrics

pgmetrics is an open-source, zero-dependency, single-binary tool that can collect 350+ metrics from a running PostgreSQL server and display it in easy-to-read text format or export it as JSON and CSV for scripting. It also supports collection from various managed PostgreSQL services (AWS, Azure, GCP, Heroku) as well as from PgBouncer and Odyssey.

Learn more at, or see a sample report here.

pgmetrics is an open-source project of RapidLoop.

Best, -Mahadevan