pgEdge Redefines Distributed PostgreSQL with the Launch of pgEdge Cloud Developer Edition

Posted on 2024-01-29 by pgEdge, Inc.
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First serverless distributed Postgres managed cloud service delivers low latency and high availability in three minutes or less

Alexandria, Virginia – January 24, 2024 — pgEdge, Inc., the leading company dedicated to distributed Postgres, today announced the launch of pgEdge Cloud Developer Edition, making it easy for developers to deploy and access distributed Postgres databases for low latency and high availability. pgEdge Cloud is the first fully distributed database as a service (DBaaS) optimized for the network edge and based completely on the widely adopted open-source PostgreSQL database. pgEdge Cloud Developer is a generous free tier for developers to rapidly and easily experience the advantages of distributed Postgres.

pgEdge Cloud addresses the growing demand for low-latency and “always on” applications that need to be dispersed across multiple cloud regions. As a fully managed distributed Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS), pgEdge Cloud empowers developers and database architects with an intuitive user interface for creation, management and monitoring of distributed database clusters running across multiple cloud regions.

By putting database nodes closer to global users, pgEdge Cloud can dramatically reduce latency and application response times, particularly page loads for database intensive applications. Additionally, having multiple replicated database nodes across the network ensures high levels of availability, since when a node fails or is not reachable traffic automatically routes to the nearest still available node.

pgEdge Cloud is especially well suited for use with edge development platforms such as Cloudflare Workers, Vercel and Fastly. The ability to place database nodes in multiple regions around the global network, together with automated and seamless nearest-node routing, allow developers to deploy very low latency applications that eliminate slow round trips to a single centrally located database. pgEdge Cloud Developer Edition includes built-in integration for Cloudflare Workers, and support for Vercel and Fastly will be available in coming weeks. An example demonstrating pgEdge Cloud’s ease of integration with Cloudflare is Additionally, a demo application running against a distributed version of the well-known “Northwind Traders” database, and implemented with Cloudflare Workers and pgEdge Cloud, is at:

Key features of pgEdge Cloud Developer Edition include:

Instant Deployment: Developers can now deploy a globally distributed PostgreSQL serverless database in just a minute, streamlining the database setup process and accelerating development.

Predefined multi-region clusters: Creation and deployment of pgEdge distributed databases is simplified via prebuilt global clusters. Developers can select from a set of predefined multi-region clusters that span the continental US, US and Europe, or US, Europe and Asia.

Multi-Master (Active-Active) Architecture: Each database node can handle both read and write traffic for low latency and high availability, utilizing an eventually consistent multi-master architecture with built in conflict resolution and reporting.

Latency-based DNS Routing: Geo-proximity routing ensures that users are connected to the nearest pgEdge node that is up and running.

Generous Free Tier: Available for prototyping, application development and evaluation of pgEdge capabilities with up to 12GB of storage across three nodes.

Management and Monitoring: Eliminates the need for manual infrastructure configuration and management while providing automated backups, security against misconfiguration, and continuous monitoring via a clean and easy to use web dashboard.

"pgEdge Cloud Developer Edition marks a significant leap in our mission to make it easy for developers to build and deploy highly distributed database applications across the global network," said Phillip Merrick, Co-founder and CEO at pgEdge. "The innovative features of the pgEdge Cloud fully managed service, from multi-region, multi-master support to its intuitive user interface, empower developers to easily create and manage distributed PostgreSQL databases."


pgEdge Cloud Developer Edition is available today in preview. Users requiring more resources or capabilities beyond what is offered in the Developer Edition free tier can upgrade to either pgEdge Cloud Team Edition (coming in H1 2024), or pgEdge Cloud Enterprise Edition.

Experience pgEdge Cloud Developer Edition by signing up at To learn more visit or join us for an exclusive webinar “Getting to the Low Latency, High Availability Goodness of Distributed Postgres in 3 Minutes or Less” on Wednesday January 31st at 1pm ET The first 500 users to sign up for pgEdge Cloud Developer Edition will be eligible for an exclusive launch t-shirt. (Restrictions apply. Offer available in US only.)

About pgEdge:

pgEdge, the leading company dedicated to distributed Postgres, has made its mission to make it easy for developers to build and deploy highly distributed database applications across the global network. Founded by industry veterans who have championed enterprise usage of the PostgreSQL database for several decades and helped run the world’s largest managed database cloud services, pgEdge is headquartered in Northern Virginia. The founders have previously founded and/or led successful companies such as webMethods (NASDAQ: WEBM), EnterpriseDB (acquired by Bain Capital), SparkPost (acquired by MessageBird), OpenSCG (acquired by AWS) and Fugue (acquired by Snyk). Investors in pgEdge include Sands Capital Ventures, Grotech Ventures and Sand Hill East.