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PGDoc 0.1.1 Released

Posted on 2007-02-05

PGDoc (http://assembla.com/space/pgdoc) is a small Perl utility which automatically generates pretty HTML documentation for any PostgreSQL database. It runs through the system tables and collects information about database objects and relationships and creates an HTML page. The format of the HTML may be customized by altering the template and/or the css file.

PGDoc is a fork of PostgreSQL Autodoc. It adds a few new features and removes some features I do not find particularly necessary.

New features

* Support for triggers and rules.

* Changed the sql formatting function to make View definitions readable and fixed a few bugs.

* PGDoc is bundled with dp.SyntaxHighlighter and a custom SQL coloring "brush" written specifically for PostgreSQL. It makes great looking documentation!

Removed features

* Support for formats other than HTML has been removed.

* Support for PostgreSQL versions below 8.0 has been removed.

PGDoc Page - http://assembla.com/space/pgdoc

PGDoc Blog - http://pgdoc.blogs.assembla.com/

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