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pgDesigner.0.0.34 - Datamodel designer for PostgreSQL

Posted on 2006-08-12

Currently it is still in state of development, but it can be used calmly like base for the construction of database.


NEW: Added the voice "Creates database", that it

allows to directly create the objects on a

database existing. Because of eventual

problems that can derive from several the

connections between the objects, the function

tries to create the objects in various

passages; to every passage they come created

the objects that are not successful to create

to the previous passage. The maximum number

of passages corresponds to the number of

objects contained in the project, dependent

from the outcome of every elaborative step.

ATTENTION!!! The function is still in phase

of test; at the moment the modernization of

the objects is not previewed, comprised the

creation of the tablespace, the data

contained in the tables comes cancels to you.

NEW: Hour it is possible to visualize menu popup

also in the list the objects of the project.

NEW: Under the directory of configuration of

pgDesigner the folder is present "log", in

which they come saves the log to you of the

last operations of input/output.

NEW: Introduced the management of object "TYPE" of

PostgreSQL. The management is incomplete and

still in phase of test, to use with caution.

NEW: In menu Show it has been added a new one

sottomenu, with some voices for show/hide the

objects in the diagram. All the objects,

except the tables and the relations, can be

rendered visible or be hidden at the view.

UPD: Restructure of the voices of menu

Modification and Project.

UPD: The MenuPopup class has been eliminated, hour

the menu popup comes directly created from

the voice Modification of the menu main.

UPD: The objects text hour come visualize to you

with a contour in clear gray, that it allows

to identify of exactly the margins.

UPD: Carried out some relative modifications to

the new version of Gambas.

UPD: The font of the definitions of the functions

and the sights in the windows of editing it

has been set up to Courier for one better


UPD: The version of PostgreSQL used in the project

conditions the visualization and the use of

the objects. To select a version previous to

that one current provokes to the cancellation

of all the objects not previewed from


UPD: Modified the order of creation of the

commandos sql of the groups of objects; hour

the sights come created for last.

UPD: Some corrections and optimizations of the

procedures of input/output.

UPD: Ulterior assistants controls in the windows

of modification of the objects. For the

procedures he comes controlled the validity

of the parameters in input, that they must be

present in the list of the types recognized

and valid for the version of selected


UPD: For the logon to the database it has been

added parameter PORT, for being able to

manage also the configurations not standard

of PostgreSQL.

BUG: Corrected a problem with the types

time/timestamp during the export of the

commandos sql relati to you to the domains.

BUG: Corrected a problem of loading of the

arguments of the procedures from the


BUG: Corrected an error during the cancellation of

an object tablespace.

BUG: Corrected a problem during the export in sql

of the objects table.

BUG: Corrected a problem of loading of the values

of default of the tables from the database;

if the default it is a function, this comes

enclosed between double apexes.

BUG: Corrected a problem of loading from database

of the relative indices of table you to

primary keys, defined in way automatic rifle

from PostgreSQL and/or with equal name to the

primary key. Same behavior during the export

in sql and towards the database.

BUG: Corrected an error in the creation of the

commandos sql for DROP FUNCTION. The commando

does not come more create/execute, the scope

comes caught up with alternative CREATE OR


BUG: Corrected a problem in the loading from the

database of the property of the functions.

BUG: Corrected a problem in the loading from the

database of the property of the trigger.

BUG: Corrected a problem on the loading from

database; hour the objects loads to you is

exclusively those pertaining to the customer

of login.

BUG: Corrected a problem of single/double apexes

in the comments of the objects, during the

writing of the commandos sql.

BUG: Eliminated the management of parameter "ON

INSERT" in the management/creation of the

relations, nonexistent in PostgreSQL.

BUG: Corrected a problem in the reading from the

database of the relations with more fields.

BUG: In order to avoid the block of the

application, when it comes pressed the

present push-button of closing in the bar of

the title it, it has been added to a

push-button of closing in bottom to the

visualization window extraction sql.

NDA: Program compiled with version 1.9.38 of Gambas.

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