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pgDesigner.0.0.30 Released

Posted on 2006-04-19


NEW: Added the possibility, in the mask of edit of

the fields of the table, to move the order of

the fields in the directory.

NEW: The making fields part of a foreign-key come

evidence to you with a red graphical rumble,

while the normal fields with a square gray.

NEW: The points of attachment of the relations to

the tables come evidenced with red color for

the father, with green color for the


NEW: The points of attachment of the relations to

the edge of the tables come reordered so as

to to respect the position of the objects on

the diagram.

NEW: Added the voice of menu "Show keys", that it

allows to show the single fields key of the

tables. The same voice has been added to the

menu popup.

NEW: The configuration rows come hour saved in the

directory "pgdesigner" in home the customer.

To the start this comes created does not


NEW: Hour comes saved in the configuration rows

the last one directory of the last one

loading/saving. For default it is the home

directory of the customer.

NEW: Program compiled with version 1.9.28 of


For the execution of the program it is necessary to install gambas2 package. Can download gambas from the official site http://gambas.sourceforge.net.

Last version of pgDesigner is available here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/pgdesigner.

Last version is 0.0-30

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