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pgDesigner 1.1.0 Released

Posted on 2007-11-30


NEW: Changed the whole application logic, as well as the interface of the main window and the project.

NEW: Adding the toolbar in the application window, with a few buttons utility in the main menu. The bar is located under the main menu, and can be hidden acting in the general configuration.

NEW: Implementation of the search function of objects within the projects open. The research will be carried out on the names of all objects in all projects open (active or not), which correspond, in whole or in part, the string set in the dialog box and the result is shown in a list on the same window, complete with all references to each subject. The search can be made on the name, in which case you can enter in the classical string wildcards (eg '*', '?', Etc..). The function is under the Edit menu in the main menu.

NEW: If executed by a shell, you can go to a list of files to be set by typing below the name of the program the names of the project file (ini formats and XML, excluding sql) complete the directory in which they are present. The absence of the file does not cause any error messages or warning.

NEW: In the editing window objects Table, in the list of columns has been added a feature that allows you click with your mouse in a field, placing or less in the primary key. (Adding proposal and written by Rodrigo Ramirez Norambuena).

NEW: By placing the mouse over a label of projects open bar, a tooltip with some information about the project assets (if the function is enabled tooltip).

NEW: Now you can create the documentation of the project in pdf format, thanks to a new library. The new modules PdfWriter and PdfWriterFont do my part of another project (http://sourceforge.net/projects/pdfwriter/), which is ported in Gambas the famous library FPDF (http://www.fpdf.org ), written originally as PHP language support, and I hope that this news is useful only as a demonstration of the potential of this library. In this version, I set a fairly simple document, as well as formats for text and html. For the production of the report, in addition to basic library is been created class PrintPdf for managing print header and the bottom of the pages following the logic of the new library. After saving the file, the report will appear in the format chosen on a dialog box.

NEW: Adding an option for automatically saving projects open. In the dialog settings general is the new option in the form of a field in which enter or select the period of time between saves. This time is expressed in minutes, in steps of 5 minutes, the change takes account of this and automatically corrects the values manually entered bringing the value to a number of 5 lower. A value of zero disables the function. The feature is disabled by default.

NEW: When creating a report has been added a feature that adds the fields belonging to the primary key in the establishment of origin in the destination table, the operation is performed only if the fields are not already present. If the creation of the report is canceled, added fields are eliminated. In addition, the new feature provides an automatic combining the fields of the two tables, putting related fields with the same name, taking as reference the key fields of the table of origin; remains available to the user the ability to alter this association.

NEW: For objects of type Area has been added Bold ownership, which allows you to set the release of the text in bold.

NEW: The status bar has been added information on the current printer settings on the current project.

NEW: In the modified procedure was added a button that opens a dialog box where you can select, with the double click of the mouse, one of a kind provided by the driver Postgres, the name of the type selected will be added in the declaration of input parameters the procedure. The list appears in the window includes the name of the type is a brief description of its significance.

NEW: For items you can define table showing details of the type of fields. The option is included in the general settings, and it is only if you are displaying details. As with all other options general, the approach will be applied on the project or, optionally, on all projects open, but at the moment it is not possible to define viewing on a single display.

UPD: In this new version has been made a complete restructuring, both for the internal logic in that interface, for this and other reasons, all objects have undergone a change of name, some were eliminated, and they also added new ones. In particular, now a single project is managed for logic and interface from PProjectPanel, while project management is controlled from CApp as before. Some objects, grouping for convenience and functionality, were classified as derivatives (or children) of objects already present, in order to reduce duplication of code.

UPD: Changes upgrade to the new version of Gambas2: cleanliness initial objects Image before the redesign, conversion degrees Radiant for the functions on objects Image.

UPD: For weblink will now be called the default browser system, it is this one, otherwise the browser will be used internal pgDesigner. Classes CApp, FAbout and FHelp were adjusted for the new management of web links.

UPD: Added features in some classes CUtil and CHtml.

UPD: Improvements of internal logic, especially the functions of management of the database.

UPD: Modified the boot and the window initial preferences. The strings in combobox window preferences are now displayed in the language system and the labels of the window are not updated on what is selected.

UPD: The windows change the data object was added a field for viewing the Scheme to which the item. Currently the field is read-only, and the default value is the classic "public" used in PostgreSQL, but it is possible that it is managed in future versions.

UPD: In the dialog box for selecting generic file is now displayed the directory where the project is located (if any), otherwise will set the home directory (eg for new projects).

UPD: The extension HTM is no longer managed, and remains valid HTML extension.

UPD: In the procedures for creation of database and the file has been added sql option "IF EXISTS" to the objects that so provides. The option is to be used exclusively for versions 8.2 and newer PostgreSQL.

UPD: Some minor changes in the edit window objects.

UPD: The colors of objects hours reflect changing settings in the options window. It should be borne in mind that the changes in the global property will be reflected on all open projects; any customization will be overwritten.

UPD: The functions of reading and writing project file has been changed. In particular, the code of procedures and definitions of the text of the remarks hours will be coded strings in hexadecimal values in UTF-8. The project files of the previous version will be read normally, but converted the subsequent rescue. This change will probably slight slowdown in read and write operations, but will avoid problems conversion of texts. In the next release is possible that this parallelism will no longer run.

UPD: Now objects Area, if selected, are outlined in margin dashed.

UPD: Area Objects can now be designed using the mouse. The size change can be performed by pressing the left mouse button on the right and bottom edges of the object, next to the dashed line. Remain unchanged functions movement, pressing the left mouse button and dragging within the object to the desired location, and downsizing through inclusion of value in the dialog box. It should be borne in mind that an object Area must be created initially in an area of empty plot and must be larger than 50x50 pixels, or will be automatically deleted; same behavior during the subsequent dimensioning.

UPD: In Trigger objects has been added property COMMENT.

UPD: In the report were added comments on the missing objects and Table Trigger.

UPD: The buttons in the dialog boxes were slightly resized to show any improvement in the text of the button in the various configurations of language and graphic engine.

UPD: The dialog print diagram has been completely revolutionized. The entire plot is divided into pages relative to the current configuration of the press, and presented in a list of graphics by selecting a page from the list, it is marked as active page and displayed in larger size. Each page contains basic information of the project, the page number and the date it is produced. On top of the window displays some basic information of current print format, which you can edit through the setup button, always on the same window; any change in configuration of the press will be reflected on the diagram that will be recalculated on the basis of the format print selected. As in the previous version, you can print the entire chart on a single page, and save it to file image, in the case of most pages produced many files as there are pages numbered in the order they are presented on the window. The print resolution is fixed and is set to 150 pixels.

UPD: If the option of displaying details is active for objects of type procedure appear types of input parameters and output with appropriate icons.

UPD: The font details of the objects was changed to Courier 8. With this change, the types of fields are put in columns in an optimal way, making the diagram more readable.

UPD: Changes made in the dialog box options application will be implemented in a comprehensive manner on all open projects; customers on individual items will be overwritten. In any case will be presented to rescue a warning with the possibility of annulment.

UPD: The attachment point of final reports to the table daughter has been transformed into an arrow, in order to improve the visualization of relations in the graph.

UPD: It was added a button in the dialog box that is presented at to see if projects are not modified and saved this new button allows you to abort the closure of pgDesigner.

UPD: When you see the details of the objects is disabled, the size of the object is now reduced to a minimum by only displaying the name. For items that do not have details to be displayed, such as Domain and Sequence, size will always be reduced to only name of the object.

UPD: The Print Report item in the main menu has been transformed into yet another submenu from which you can select the format of reports. The toolbar has the same approach with three distinct icons.

UPD: The menu window statistics project has been implemented with additional items, to allow the lists to save on text files.

UPD: Deleted control over the creation of multiple reports on the same tables.

UPD: Objects Stamp, if selected, are outlined in the contour line in red.

UPD: The font label relations has been reduced to 7pixel, and was also eliminated the frame around label.

UPD: In the editing window objects Table and TableField was added a message confirming the cancellation of fields. During the cancellation of a field verified the existence of the same in relations linked to the table and, if present, will be deleted all references to field erased if the relation was the sole reference, the same relation will be eliminated from the project.

BUG: Fixed a problem with double quotes in the names of objects while capturing information from database or file sql.

BUG: Fixed a problem when you exit the application if there is a serious mistake, then you see the error message.

BUG: They should have been fixed a few problems viewing and management of objects Area, in particular the integration with the display.

BUG: Fixed a bug that caused a problem when loading files project in XML format.

BUG: Correct an error in the configuration window, which appeared incorrect colors in the examples, in particular the card colors for text processing.

BUG: Correct an error in the dialog box, during the default colors for objects of type TEXT. (Bug reported and corrected by Rodrigo Ramirez Norambuena).

BUG: Correct an error in the connection window to amend the tablespace. (Bug reported by Florent Thomas).

BUG: Fixed a problem with the allocation of tablespace in the windows to amend the table and index.

BUG: Fixed a small problem in the settings dialog box of colors, with the update of the examples following the restoration of the default colors.

BUG: Fixed a problem uploading files sql, caused by an error in the reading program and the creation of indices tables.

BUG: Fixed a small problem in the process of creating database on the management of the definition of procedures.

BUG: Fixed a problem with the definition of CHECK columns on the table, which was not managed properly and not displayed in DDL and exports sql. (Bug reported by Florent Thomas).

BUG: Correct an error in the dialog box for changing the field of a table, which incorrectly interpreted in the value of the size of the field if it was empty (zero). In the procedures of creating sql command the size of the field is not taken into account if its value is zero. (Bug reported by Silvio A. Orta and Carlos D. J. Pinto B.)

BUG: Fixed a problem with the creation and design objects Relation, which in some cases created blocking the program because of a NULL value. (Bug reported by Silvio A. Orta and Carlos D. J. Pinto B.)

BUG: Fixed a problem with the design of the printer margins in the printing of the diagram. Now margins comply with the size and format of the current page of the press.

BUG: Fixed a problem with the display of objects TEXT.

BUG: Correct an error in the procedures for reading and writing project files in XML format, for the objects AREA.

BUG: Fixed a problem with the definition of datatypes in class CPostgres82.

BUG: Fixed a problem decoding comments on the project by uploading a file sql.

BUG: Fixed a problem in the management of the display, tied to the deletion and modification of existing display.

BUG: Fixed small bugs during a font for objects Stamp.

NDA: Program compiled with version 1.9.91 of Gambas.

For the execution of the program it is necessary to install gambas2 package. Can download gambas from the official site http://gambas.sourceforge.net.

The documentation is available here: http://pgdesigner.sourceforge.net

Last version of pgDesigner is available here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/pgdesigner.

For the customers of Italian language the forum is also available on http://www.ldrweb.net.

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