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pgDesigner 1.0.0 Released

Posted on 2007-08-20


NEW: Added the translation in Chinese of the witnesses and the messages, thanks to the contribution of the friends Henri and Yanqing Girard.

NEW: Added the push-button of "Connection Test" in the window of login, for the verification of the logon parameters.

NEW: In the window of edit of the tables it has been added the Triggers folder, that it visualizes the directory of the trigger connects you to the same table. Through the same card it is possible to directly manage the trigger of the table, to create some of new, to modify them or to cancel them.

NEW: The selection with the double click of the left key of the mouse, in the list of the Display in the window "Statistics of plan", renders assets the display relative. Same identical behavior selecting an element in the lists objects or you live, that it renders assets the evidenced object. If the object is found to outside of the visible area, will come carried out scroll an automatic rifle so as to to visualize the object.

NEW: During the selection of an object (manual or automatic rifle), if this is found to outside of the visibility, the window will come carried out the scroll until the point in which the object will be found.

NEW: In the window of edit of the procedures it has been added to the folder Connections, that it visualizes the directory of the objects that make reference the selected procedure (triggers, other procedures). The connection with other procedures happens analyzing to the content of the definition, verifying the presence of the name of the selected procedure.

NEW: In the window of edit of the tablespace it has been added to the folder Connections, that it visualizes the directory of the objects that make reference the tabelspace selected (tables, indices).

NEW: A new object has been inserted: "Stamp", that it visualizes in the diagram some information of identification of the plan. The object can be managed like all the other objects of the plan, but it cannot be modified; the visualized information come dawned automatically to every modification of the plan.

NEW: Added the possibility to modify the every color of single object; in menu the Modification of the menu main and the menu popup Color has been inserted the voice "object". The general configuration of the colors is remained equal, except for the fact that the management comes carried out to total level like base formulation; every new object will come therefore created with the colors shapes to you in the formulations generates them, allowing later on the modification for every object singularly and distinguished. The formulation will come maintained also in phase of press of the diagram. For this innovation it has been necessary to modify the structure of the plan rows, that they will come modernizes you automatically to the rescue.

NEW: Added two push-buttons in the window of formulation of the display, that they allow to select or less all the elements of the list.

NEW: In the rows of configuration of the application it has been added an ulterior voice "MaxRecent" that allows to set up the maximum number of voices in the list of the last open plans present in menu the Rows. In any case, the maximum number must be comprised between 0 and 30.

NEW: Added the new static class CColor, that it contains the formulations of default of the colors; they have been modified all the inner references to the application so as to to head for this new class.

NEW: Added the possibility to copy objects between open plans. The functionality is accessible dal menu main and dal menu popup, on selection of an object dal active plan. The copy is possible for all the objects to exclusion of trigger, relations and stamp, since it is not possible to associate valid references in the destination plan. For this reason that in the new objects created during the copy they will come rendered invalids all the link active presents in the object originates them. Various for the sights, since it does not come less carried out some control on the existence or of the references included in the query, the verification and the eventual modifications comes left the customer.

NEW: Implemented a function for the modernization of the tooltip during the insertion of a type of variable PostgreSQL in the dialogue windows that preview it. The tooltip it visualizes the information of base of the selected type. For being able however to visualize the tooltip it is necessary that this functionality is active.

NDA: Program compiled with version 1.9.50 of Gambas.


In preparation the documentation in French language in format pdf.

For the execution of the program it is necessary to install gambas2 package. Can download gambas from the official site http://gambas.sourceforge.net.

The documentation is available here: http://pgdesigner.sourceforge.net

Last version of pgDesigner is available here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/pgdesigner.

For the customers of Italian language the forum is also available on http://www.ldrweb.net.

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