PGConf India 2024: Talks live and ticket sale started

Posted on 2024-01-09 by PGConf India
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We're pleased to announce that the selected talks and training for PGConf India 2024 are now live on the conference website. The tickets are now available for purchase. Early bird ticket sale would end on Jan 12th 2024 and the prices would go up by more than 20% after that.

It's our endeavour to ensure that the conference remains in reach of as many participants as possible. So we have kept the ticket prices as low as possible. Take this opportunity and book tickets soon. Our past experience suggests that the training slots get filled up very fast. Since there are limited seats per training, please book early to guarantee the training you wish to attend.

To buy your tickets, head to and click Buy Tickets Now or simply visit . Details of various trainings available this year are available on the conference website.

Feel free to contact us if you need any more details. See you at the conference soon.

Thanks and Regards,

PGConf India Organising Committee