pgCluu v3.5 released

Posted on 2023-07-12 by Gilles Darold
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Toronto, Canada July 11th 2023

pgCluu - PostgreSQL Cluster Utilization

pgCluu is a Perl program used to perform a full audit of a PostgreSQL Cluster performances. It is divided in two parts, a collector used to grab statistics on the PostgreSQL server using psql and sar, a reports builder that will generate all HTML and charts output.

This is a maintenance release that fixes issues reported since the past six months and adds support to PostgreSQL 16.

  • Fix pgcluu for PG16 changes on pg_stat_user_indexes.
  • Fix live/dead tuples statistics.
  • Add e as expression for kind of extended statistics.
  • Add --disable-pidstat option to disable the collect of metrics from the pidstat command. This can be useful with old versions of pidstat that do not support the -U option.
  • If on a secondary server, don't execute pg_current_wal_lsn().
  • Use relispartition only for PG version 10 and upper.

Upgrade: you can safely override previous installation, backward compatibility with previous versions is preserved.

See ChangeLog for a complete list of changes and bug fixes.

The goal of this project is to provide a complete PostgreSQL auditing tool that don't need any dependency to be run easily to audit a local or remote server.

If you just have a sar output file, pgCluu can be use to draw graphs about the system utilization only.

pgCluu is an original collection of tools built during my work at Dalibo. Those tools are published under the PostgreSQL License to be shared, any one is welcome to contribute.

For more information take a look at

View a sample report at

Links & Credits

I would like to thank all users who submitted patches and users who reported bugs and feature requests, they are all cited the ChangeLog file.

pgCluu is an open project. Any contribution to build a better tool is welcome. You just have to send your ideas, features requests or patches using the GitHub tools or directly to



pgCluu is created and maintained by Gilles Darold.