pgcluu v3.3 released

Posted on 2022-06-03 by MigOps
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Praha, Czech Republic - June 02, 2021

pgCluu 3.3 released

PostgreSQL Cluster Utilization

pgCluu is a Perl program used to perform a full audit of a PostgreSQL Cluster performances. It is divided in two parts, a collector used to grab statistics on the PostgreSQL server using psql and sar, a reports builder that will generate all HTML and charts output.

This release is a maintenance release that fixes issues reported by users since past nine months. It also adds new reports and features.

  • Add TCP utilization and TCP errors reports, from sar -nTCP,ETCP.
  • Add a comment in the suggested index if it could be redundant with existing ones.
  • Add support to run pgcluu_collect as user with the pg_monitor role.

See ChangeLog for a complete list of changes and bug fixes.

The goal of this project is to provide a complete PostgreSQL auditing tool that don't need any dependency to be run easily to audit a local or remote server.

If you just have a sar output file, pgCluu can also be use to draw graphs about the system utilization from this file.

pgCluu is a collection of tools published under the PostgreSQL License to be shared, any one is welcome to contribute.

For more information take a look at

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pgCluu is created and maintained by Gilles Darold.