pgBadger 6.0 is out!

Posted on 2014-08-12 by Dalibo

DALIBO is proud to announce the release of pgBadger 6.0.

pgBadger is a PostgreSQL performance analyzer, built for speed with fully detailed reports based on your PostgreSQL log files.

This new major release fixes several issues and adds some new features:

  • Automatic cleanup of binary files in incremental mode.
  • Automatic handling of retention with a maximum number of weeks to keep reports.
  • Incremental mode improvement by allowing the use of multiprocessing with multiple log file.
  • Now reports the query latency percentiles on the general activity table (percentiles are 90, 95, 99).
  • A new output format: JSON. This format is good for sharing data with other tools.
  • Using the --anonymize option pgBadger will anonymize all literal values in the queries.
  • Add a click-to-select button in front of each query that allow to just use Ctrl+C to copy it on clipboard.
  • Several space usage improvement in incremental mode, the -X option allow the use of external CSS and Javascript files.
  • A new pgBadger logo


Warning: the behavior of pgBadger in incremental mode has changed. It will now always cleanup the output directory of all the obsolete binary file. If you were using those files to build your own reports, you can prevent pgBadger to remove them by using the --noclean option. Note that if you use the retention feature, all those files in obsolete directories will be removed too.

For the complete list of changes, please checkout the release note on

Links & Credits

DALIBO would like to thank the developers who submitted patches and the users who reported bugs and feature requests, especially Herve Werner, Julien Rouhaud, Josh Berkus, CZAirwolf, Bruno Almeida, Marc Cousin, Thomas Reiss, Rodolphe Quiedeville, Himanchali, Guilhem Rambal, Shanzhang Lan, Xavier Millies-Lacroix, Kong Man, wmorancfi, flopma and birkosan.

pgBadger is an open project. Any contribution to build a better tool is welcome. You just have to send your ideas, features requests or patches using the GitHub tools or directly on our mailing list.

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About pgBadger :

pgBagder is a new generation log analyzer for PostgreSQL, created by Gilles Darold (also author of ora2pg, the powerful migration tool). pgBadger is a fast and easy tool to analyze your SQL traffic and create HTML5 reports with dynamics graphs. pgBadger is the perfect tool to understand the behavior of your PostgreSQL servers and identify which SQL queries need to be optimized.

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DALIBO is the leading PostgreSQL company in France, providing support, trainings and consulting to its customers since 2005. The company contributes to the PostgreSQL community in various ways, including : code, articles, translations, free conferences and workshops

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