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pgBackRest 2.02 Released

Posted on 2018-05-08 by Crunchy Data
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May 8, 2018: Crunchy Data announces the release of pgBackRest 2.02, the latest version of the simple, reliable backup and restore system that can seamlessly scale up to the largest databases and workloads.

pgBackRest 2.02 continues advancing in performance and configurability by introducing parallel asynchronous archive-get and a configuration include directory that allows configuration to be split into smaller fragments for easier management.

pgBackRest supports a robust set of features for managing your backup and recovery infrastructure, including: parallel backup/restore, full/differential/incremental backups, delta restore, parallel asynchronous archiving, per-file checksums, page checksums (when enabled) validated during backup, compression, encryption, partial/failed backup resume, backup from standby, tablespace and link support, S3 support, backup expiration, local/remote operation via SSH, flexible configuration, and more.

You can install pgBackRest from the PostgreSQL Yum Repository or the PostgreSQL APT Repository. Source code can be downloaded from Releases.


New Features

Parallel Asynchronous Archive Get

The asynchronous archive-get command maintains a local queue of WAL to improve replay throughput. If a WAL segment is not found in the queue it is fetched from the repository along with enough consecutive WAL to fill the queue. Additional WAL is also fetched asynchronously when the queue is less than half full. Enabling parallelism increases throughput even more, especially for higher-latency connections and storage (such as S3).


Configuration Includes

Configuration fragments can be dropped in the configuration includes directory (defaults to /etc/pgbackrest/conf.d) and they will be loaded along with the main configuration file, if it exists. For example, each stanza can be in a separate configuration fragment and general host settings in the main configuration file. This feature makes it easier to automate pgBackRest configuration with your favorite configuration management tool.