pgBackRest 1.26 Released

Posted on 2017-12-13 by Crunchy Data
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December 13, 2017: Crunchy Data is proud to announce pgBackRest 1.26, Reliable PostgreSQL Backup & Restore.

Release 1.26

Since the release of 1.09 in October 2016, the pgBackRest team has added S3 support, repository encryption, page checksum validation, and made a number of other improvements. The major new features added since 1.09 are detailed below.


New Features

Amazon S3

Repositories can be created in S3 buckets for virtually unlimited storage.

Repository Encryption

The repository can be encrypted on any supported storage using the industry-standard AES-256 cipher.

Page Checksum Validation

Page checksums are validated automatically when enabled on PostgreSQL >= 9.3.

Improved Asynchronous Archiving

Asynchronous archiving is now multi-threaded and no longer maintains a separate WAL queue. This results in significantly better performance with less I/O.

Stanza Management

Stanzas are managed using the stanza-create and stanza-upgrade commands.

Configure Multiple Backup Standbys

Up to seven standbys can be configured for backup from standby. The first active standby in the list will be used for the backup.


pgBackRest aims to be a simple, reliable backup and restore system that can seamlessly scale up to the largest databases and workloads.

Instead of relying on traditional backup tools like tar and rsync, pgBackRest implements all backup features internally and uses a custom protocol for communicating with remote systems. Removing reliance on tar and rsync allows for better solutions to database-specific backup challenges. The custom remote protocol allows for more flexibility and limits the types of connections that are required to perform a backup which increases security.

Crunchy Data supports the ongoing and active development of pgBackRest as an entirely open source project, released under the BSD-compatible MIT license.